Woodworking Tips/Hacks

Below are a few tips I found while searching the internet. If you have any to offer send me an e-mail at: anotherwebsurfer@mail.com or use the Contact link above.

  • To get an exact line on an uneven wall use a pencil inside of a washer.
  • Extracting a screw with a stripped head use a rubber band on the head.
  • To repair a hole in wood that is too big use a golf tee.
  • If you need to hammer a small finishing nail hold it with a pencil eraser.
  • Choose a matching color crayon to fill nail holes.
  • Use tape when gluing joints together for a cleaner result.
  • Run wires from the ceiling using hooks to avoid tripping on them.
  • Use a straw on glued pieces to remove any excess.
  • Remove a nail with missing head just use a claw hammer under a vise grip pliers.
  • Eliminate scratches and marks on wood using walnuts.
  • Run screws thru soap to before using in wood to avoid stripping.
  • Wrap tape around screws to hold them in place for hard to reach areas.
  • Use tape when applying wood putty for a cleaner finish.
  • Instead of using a container to mix epoxy, make a mixing area using painters tape.
  • Use vinegar to thin old wood glue

Below are a few sites that also have a lot of tips.
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